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„We are staying at Seeboden at Millstättersee and go in a camp that names „Brainsports“. Yesterday we woke up at 8am, and go to breakfast at half past eight. At 9 o’clock we go and learn for three hours. The lunch is at 12:30pm. One hour later we have tennis and watersport. Yesterday at the watersport we go windsurfing and stand-up paddeln. At the end we made a race. Then we play a game that names werewolf. In the evening we go to dinner and make a movie night with a lot of snacks. The title of the movie is „Kindsköpfe“. After the movie we look at the pictures that we took on tuesday. That was really funny.

Opinions of the day:

Theresa: I like this camp, the day was really funny and it’s cool too, because you learn, have fun and make a lot of sport.

Paul: The day was really nice.

Benedikt: It was a funny day and I’d liked the stand-up paddling.

Joni: The day was okay for me, because the wundsurfing was not so cool for me.“