18 Aug 2022

„Today we once again had to get up at 8 o’clock in the morning. After breakfast we started creating our posters, which we will have to present our groupmates tomorrow. In the second half of our lesson, we went to the lake with the german group and played „Wizard“, swam a little and played a word game with a ball.
After we finished lunch, we went to our rooms and had a little bit of time to relax or listen to music. I was very glad about that, because many kids need time for themselves too. Next, we went to the lake and did some swimming drills and played in the water. Afterwards, the most people went to their watersports training. The others continued swimming and played „Werwolf“.
When we returned from watersports (paddling and windsurfing), we quickly had a shower and continued designing our posters in the lesson in the afternoon. Later, we went to have dinner.
At approximately 8 o’clock we went for a hike on the „Süduferweg“. On the way, Celine found a Blindschleiche and even picked it up and we were allowed to pet the reptile. It felt very weird. We arrived at a little beach site right at sunset and it was very beautiful. After we got back from the hike, we went for a little swim again, when it was already dark. The camp leader had a very strong flashlight to see where we were swimming. It was a very exciting, but also relaxing day.“ – secret author

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