31 Jul 2019

Hello! My name is Moritz and I want to tell you a bit about our day at the Brainsports Action summer camp in Zell am See.
We got up at 7:45 a.m. and had breakfast at 8 o´clock. Today most kids ate bread with Nutella. After breakfast we all met at the sports hall to do a quick warm up before we went into our study groups. In our lessons we studied for three hours. At 12 a.m. we had lunch. After we had eaten lunch, we enjoyed one-and-a-half hours of free time. At half past one we went shopping. All kids came back with a big mountain of sweets. At 3 o´clock p.m. we had a big football tournament. Afterwards we had to go into our study groups for one hour. Once we survived the studying, we went to get our well-deserved dinner. At half past seven we were finally able to pay our supervisors back for all the difficult exercises. We were allowed to decide what they wear and which make-up they should put on. We had a lot of fun. At half past nine we went to bed. It was a very cool day at our camp in Zell am See. 🙂

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