26 Aug 2022

„Our day started at 8 am. Then we had half an hour to get ready and after that we had breakfast.
We continues to learn from 9-12am. At 12:30pm, we had lunch, which lasted one hour. Then we got into groups. One group did watersports and the other one played games and relaxed.
Once the watersports grooup was done, we decided to play beachvolleyball. We were very happy that the weather got better in the afternoon. So we decided to cool ourselves down in the lake. We thought that we had another study lesson, so we played a speaking game. After that we had a little break in our rooms and then we took our way to dinner.
At 8pm we did a nightwalk, which was very funny, because we listened to music and there was a beautiful view. Surprisingly, we were allowed to jump in the lake when it was dark outside.
After that, we went upstairs to our rooms and then we got ready for bed and tidied up a little for our daily room-check. At 10pm we went to bed. It was such a fun day!“

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