04 Aug 2022

Yesterday was my fourth day in the camp. We woke up at 6:20am because my roommates wanted to go running with Carina in the morning. When they came back we all went to eat breakfast. As usual there was a buffet where we could decide what we wanted to eat.
After we had eaten the breakfast, we had a short time to prepare ourselves for the English lessons. There we played some games to learn grammar. We also began to design a poster for our presentation today. Afterwards, we went to the restaurant to eat lunch. Yesterday there was auberginen-risotto on the menu. It was delicious, but my friends decided to eat something different and they absolutely didn’t like it.

In the afternoon, we had free time. We could choose if we wanted to go to the lake, play some sports or do some handcrafting. My friends and I chose to go handcrafting. We made some bracelets. While we did this, Daniela and Raphaela played “Werewolf” with the other kids. At 15:30 o’clock, the watersport group went wind surfing and my group went stand-up paddling. I think that is a very relaxing sport, because you don’t have to apply force, and you can just enjoy the nature and the beautiful view. Sadly, my friend Caro hurt her lips, so she had to paddle back. When we came back, we had one hour to illustrate our posters again.

In the evening, we ate rice with some juicy meat. The highlight of the day was the night hike in the woods and the night swim afterwards. All in all it was, once again, a very exciting and fun day at BrainSports!

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