16 Aug 2022

„On the first morning, we were woken up at 8am from Max and Anna. Afterwards, we got ready and went to breakfast. After breakfast, we had our first English lesson. We filled out worksheets from Verena. Our worksheets were about grammar, tenses and we did two readings. After the English lessons, we went to lunch and had Putenstreifensalat. In the afternoon, our trainers planned different activities, for example, „Werewolf“, swimming or going to the gym. Some of us had dance lessons. We liked the dance lesson and we also the choreography, but we are keeping an open mind. Playing „Werewolf“ was very fun and the swimming was really cool. Then we went to dinner and we had spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs. After that, we celebrated Maggie’s birthday and the girls surprised her with a cake. In the evening we played „Herzblatt“. One person had to chose which answers the different people gave and in the end, the person with the most points go to hug the „Herzblatt“. It was very cool and we had a lot of fun.“ – Ella L.

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